The Voyage

Move a family of five onto a 50-foot sailboat, and spend three years visiting other countries, learning their cultures, helping to improve their lives, and grow together as a family and as individuals; in five easy steps:

Step 1 – Intentionally Irrelevant: Design the business so that one is not necessary to the day-to-day operations of the firm.  Become irrelevant to every individual process within the firm while continuing to manage and oversee the total company.

Step 2 – Everything Must Go: Sell the house and everything in it, down to the silverware.  Sell the cars.  Sell the toys. Sell it all but the boat and what can fit into a few suitcases each.

Step 3 – Move and Leave: Move from the 3,200 square foot home in Los Angeles to the 900 square foot boat in Florida.  Make the final preparations on the boat.  Then leave for the Caribbean heading south, trying to stay one step ahead of hurricane season.

Step 4 – Adapt, Learn and Discover: Adapt to living, working and schooling with the rest of the family on a sailboat.  Learn how to sail around the world.  Become teachers, home students, Mobile CEOs and ambassadors for our Oceans.    Discover new cultures, foods, people, ourselves and how to live in harmony with ones work, family and life.

Step 5 – Share and Inspire: Share our adventure with the world.  Share our skills and knowledge with the people we meet.  Help others to share the wealth of our great country with those less fortunate.  Inspire everyone to cherish our planet and not take its treasures for granted.  Be an inspiration to others wanting to seek out a better balance in their lives.

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